Maurice, 20th-century Swiss-U.S. physician, 1924-2001. See: Goldenhar syndrome.
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Congenital facial paralysis can occur as a result of facial nerve nucleus abnormalities in a variety of syndromes that include Moebius, DiGeorge, Goldenhar, CHARGE, trisomy 13, and trisomy 18.
Sendromik mikroftalmi nedenleri ise cok cesitlidir; Goldenhar sendromu, Fraser sendromu, Lenz mikroftalmi sendromu, CHARGE sendromu, trizomi 13, Fryns 'anoftalmi plus' sendromu, fetal alkol sendromu, Goltz sendromu bunlardan sadece bazilaridir.
Evie Small has Goldenhar syndrome which has left her deaf and with no facial nerves.
A Sindrome de Goldenhar (SG) faz parte de um quadro clinico complexo dos primeiro e segundo arcos branquiais, o qual e comumente conhecido como espectro oculoauriculovertebral.
La asociacion de VACTERL-H (sindrome de Briard-Evans), VACTER con hidrocefalia se piensa que es una herencia autosomica recesiva, trastorno distinto del VATER, Hecho que confiere peor pronostico y que se ha asociado a cuadros graves de anemia de Fanconi.22 En el diagnostico diferencial de este cuadro se incluyen cromosomopatias como la trisomia 18 y 13, el sindrome de Klippel Feil y Goldenhar, la trombocitopenia con radio ausente, la anemia de Fanconi, los sindromes de Robert, de Holt-Oram y el de Nager, y el sindrome de regresion caudal.
James has Goldenhar Syndrome and had his 32nd operation in March.
Goldenhar syndrome is a well-known developmental anomaly of the maxillofacial skeleton and hemifacial soft tissue, and is occasionally associated with difficult airway management.
It has specifically identified a disproportionate occurrence of Goldenhar syndrome in Gulf veterans' offspring.
Some studies have indicated that job control, autonomy in decision-making, social support from workmates and supervisors, teamwork, the safety climate within the organization and feedback, are the main job resources in construction work (Clarke, 2000; Goldenhar, Williams, & Swanson, 2003; Salanova, Gracia, & Lorente, 2007).
In this group, there were two intrauterine deaths and two neonates died in the postnatal period (one postpartum and one postoperatively, both with an additional prenatal diagnosis of cystic hygroma with a postnatal diagnosis of Noonan syndrome and Goldenhar syndrome).