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I firmly believe that a golden retriever can go from the field to obedience to the show ring and be competitive in all," says Susan Lynch, whose dog Manny is a conformation champion, a master hunter that also has a field trial placement and has been the highest scoring dog in an obedience trial.
A moment of chaos reigns after a group photo as golden retrievers depart with their owners in tow at a dog reunion at Elijah Bristow State Park.
The pups were born in Coventry three weeks ago, the result of a match between a golden retriever and long-haired border collie.
Burns tells me one rescued avalanche victim at the Kirkwood ski area in Lake Tahoe was so happy he was found by Doc, a golden retriever search dog, that he had a portrait of Doc tattooed on his chest.
Fortunately, Adolph is not the jealous type and Sarah's actually a 10- year-old golden retriever, a well-trained therapy dog with a mission - visiting patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, day care centers and nursing homes around the Antelope Valley.
a golden retriever puppy, moved in and headed straight for the tree.
So, how about a guide person helping a blind golden retriever puppy do the same?
His tail wagging with doggy energy, Aero made his way through the hallway of familiar faces with a puppy grin stuck on his hairy face, but on command, the 9-month-old Golden retriever became all business - stopping and plopping underneath his handler's desk.
Concert hall Executive Director Enoch Morris said Chapin Carpenter had to fly home to tend to a very ill golden retriever.
This is where all the intense training these beautiful Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and German shepherds have received comes into real play.
The young yellow Labrador was one of about 120 dogs - yellow and black Labradors, golden retrievers and German shepherds - who completed obstacle courses, obedience tests and a physical exam during the Ventura County 4-H Guide Dogs' third annual Guide Dog Fun Day at Seaside Park.
Vidal was paid a visit by two golden retrievers, two Labrador retrievers, a Rottweiler and a Jack Russell terrier as part of the hospital's pet therapy program.

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