Golden Rice

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A variety of Oryza sativa rice genetically engineered to synthesize beta-carotene.
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Torres said results showed that despite having a low level of familiarity with key terms such as genes, viruses, golden rice, genetically modified (GM) organism contamination, processes and the existence of agri-biotech regulations in the country, lawyers still favor the application of agri-biotech in food and medicine provided that proper precautions are taken.
In August 2013, around 400 farmers went to the testing area of golden rice in Pili, Camarines Sur and uprooted the genetically-modified golden rice.
At least two people were found dead and four others wounded on Wednesday in the aftermath of a fire that tore through a rice factory owned by Golden Rice in Kampong Speu province's Ksem Ksan commune in Odong district, provincial acting police chief Bun Chantha said.
For lots 6 and 7, Thailand-based Asia Golden Rice Co.
Researchers have made improvements in the "Golden Rice", a GM rice, which is now being employed in breeding programs across several countries such as Southeast Asian nations.
There's an enormous, golden rice pancake to scoop it all up, spongy and bubbled like a pikelet at the edges and irresistibly, fingerglisteningly crisp in the middle.
The video includes scenes of a train speeding through golden rice fields in the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan, an Alishan Forest Railway train going up the mountain along the zigzag tracks, a DSC1001 Diesel Rail Car running through the Green Tunnel on the Jiji Line, and Changhua Fan-shaped Train Head Depot.
The Health Canada has approved the Golden Rice as safe as other rice varieties available in the market, according to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), reports BSS.
Furthermore, I do care about my health and the health of others which is why I work for and BELIEVE in a company that helps develop such things as Golden Rice that help prevent childhood blindness in third world countries, which is estimated to kill 670,000 children under the age of 5 each year.
Researchers from North America, Asia, the Philippines, Australia, and Switzerland discuss genetic diversity in rice, advances in molecular breeding techniques, breeding strategies to improve yields, improving photosynthesis, breeding green super rice varieties for sustainable cultivation, mechanisms of drought tolerance in rice, advances in understanding the role of rice in nutrition, its nutraceutical properties, biofortified Golden Rice, the development of rice varieties with improved iron content in grain, quality parameters and testing methods, and agronomic and environmental factors affecting quality.