Goldblatt, Harry

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Goldblatt, Harry

U.S. pathologist, 1891–1977.

Goldblatt hypertension

Hypertension that resembles renal hypertension produced in experimental animals by decreasing the blood flow to the kidney.

Goldblatt kidney

Kidney injury and secondary hypertension due to inadequate kidney perfusion. It may occur due to renal artery stenosis.
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Harry, U.S. pathologist, 1891-1977.
Goldblatt clamp
Goldblatt hypertension - increased blood pressure following obstruction of blood flow to one kidney. Synonym(s): Goldblatt phenomenon
Goldblatt kidney - a kidney whose arterial blood supply has been compromised, as a consequence of which arterial hypertension develops.
Goldblatt phenomenon - Synonym(s): Goldblatt hypertension
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