Gold Standard Test

The tests and procedures necessary to definitively establish to a high level of certainty the presence or absence of a particular disease in an individual
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Interestingly, our results bit vary from this study may be because of strict selection criteria as 32/33 isolates gave positive M3DT and selected as gold standard test. As being cost effective this test could easily be incorporated into small microbiological setups for accurate identification of Amp C beta lacta-mases.
Several studies have been done to differentiate between these two diseases8,9 but none compared the findings of a computed tomography (CT) scan to a gold standard test.
Nucleic Acid Amplification-based kits segment will report the highest growth rate over the forecast period due to the growing acceptance of PCR diagnosis as a gold standard test in herpes testing owing to high sensitivity, specificity and positivity ratio for herpes diagnosis.
PCR is the gold standard test for detection of MDRSA by rapid detection of mecA gene coding Methicillin resistance via Penicillin binding protein 2a (PBP2a) and blaZ gene for penicillin resistance via [beta]-lactamase (Geha et al., 1994).
Different tests have been tried, but until now there has been no gold standard test for diagnosing PROM.
It was found that the vast majority of infection diagnoses were made by no gold standard test laboratory that is the culture of the catheter tip by quantitative method.
Contrast-enhanced chest CT (Toshiba Aqullio 64, Nai, Japan) was obtained for all participants as a gold standard test with a mean effective radiation dose of 5-7 mSv and 50 mL of non-ionic contrast media.
Even reliance on lipoprotein electrophoresis, the gold standard test for confirming chylomicrons, would have been misleading due to the false-positive signal at the application point, an infrequent but not uncommon scenario.
As a result, "cytogenetic analysis" is still gold standard test to detect the accurate karyotype of the foetus and this will allow parents to make an informed decision relating to the pregnancy.
[3] Using 2x2 tables, we compare the performance of the new test (usually less expensive) with the gold standard test. In the Table 1, "Test A" is gold standard whereas "Test B" is the new test that accuracy has to be evaluated.
All participants had normal hearing threshold as per the gold standard test. Those who had a hearing impairment or suspicion of hearing loss were excluded.