Gold Standard Test

The tests and procedures necessary to definitively establish to a high level of certainty the presence or absence of a particular disease in an individual
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MobiLab's developers validated the test's accuracy by comparing its performance with the Gen-Probe Aptima Combo 2 assay, the gold standard test for chlamydia.
They determined that purified, finely ground corn bran can be used as a substitute for up to 20% of the flour called for in the American Association of Cereal Chemists' gold standard test recipe for white cake.
The gold standard test would be to pitch the testosterone injections against a dummy drug in a controlled trial," he added.
Due to the deficiencies of traditional confirmatory bedside techniques, and the limitations of modern and more sophisticated confirmatory methods, theplain chestX-ray remains the gold standard test to confirm correct nasogastdc tube placement.
Group B Strep Support is now campaigning for all pregnant women to get the gold standard test.
The quantity collected was insufficient to perform the gold standard test for isolation of H.
Problem Frequency, (a) n (%) No or insufficient statistical analysis for testing 19 (33%) differences between two or more diagnostic tests Analysis for correlated data should have been used 7 (12%) Values from gold standard test were dichotomized 5 (9%) for ROC analysis CIs constructed inappropriately 3 (5%) Analysis for clustered data should have been used 1 (2%) Test for equivalence/noninferiority should have 1 (2%) been used (a) Percentages are based on n = 58 total studies using ROC curves.
Results (a) Gold Standard Test Assay TP TN FP FN Complete right frontal Mini right frontal 6 42 1 2 Complete left frontal Mini left frontal 4 42 2 3 Complete right ethmoidal Mini right ethmoidal 9 26 7 9 Complete left ethmoidal Mini left ethmoidal 7 33 6 5 Complete right maxillary Mini right maxillary 12 31 2 6 Complete left maxillary Mini left maxillary 12 24 2 13 Complete sphenoidal Minisphenoidal 6 40 2 3 Complete overall Miniseries overall 26 17 2 6 Gold Standard Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV Complete right frontal 75 97.
Generally, we consider the overnight dexamethasone suppression test to be the gold standard test," said Schott.
DEXA, or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, is the gold standard test for bone density.