Moses, 20th-century German physician. See: Gofman test.
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* Michael Gofman, University of Rochester; Sajjad Jafri, Queen's University; and James T.
A number of researchers propose to use the term "civil religion" (Gofman 2003, Miroshnikova 2004) to denote the totality of explicit and latent sacral values, symbols, orientations, rituals.
Instead, as in Babus and Kondor (2013) or Gofman (2014), we model the market with no search frictions.
Como institucion total (Gofman, 1972, 13) o institucion de tipo cero (Levi-Strauss, 1973) de la cultura, la clave de sentido de la familia se proyecta directamente en todos los ambitos de la vida colectiva (2).
In a study performed by Gofman and Ducore, a younger age at the time of diagnosis and Spanish origin correlated with the occurrence of obesity after anticancer treatment [18]; on the other hand, sex, irradiation and its dose, duration of therapy, and family history had no effect on body mass.
HDL2, HDL3, and other lipoproteins in Gofman's Livermore Cohort.
Mikhail Gofman (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, California State University, Fullerton), "Biometrics in a Data Driven World: Trends, Technologies, and Challenges" aims to inform readers about the modern applications of biometrics in the context of a data-driven society, to familiarize them with the rich history of biometrics, and to provide them with a glimpse into the future of biometrics.
Four weeks ago,Etzion Brigade Commander Colonel Roman Gofman issued an order to remove immediately all Arab workers from the Gush Etzion settlement, including from stores and businesses,caliming it was to "halt Palestinian stabbing attacks."
Irina Gofman, MTG executive vice president and CEO of the acquired businesses, will be responsible for these businesses under the new ownership, and the existing management teams and employees will also stay with the acquired businesses under the new ownership.