Moses, 20th-century German physician. See: Gofman test.
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Gofman, MD, PhD illustrated how repeated exposures to low-level radiation from yearly mammograms increase a woman's risk of developing the very disease she is trying so hard to prevent.
Feyga Gofman, COO and chief chemist, stated, "Over the past month the sales of all our disinfectant products has increased at our Cleaning Ideas stores and at our wholesale division.
Michael Gofman, University of Rochester; Gill Segal, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Youchang Wu, University of Oregon, "Production Networks and Stock Returns: The Role of Creative Destruction"
Mikhail Gofman (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, California State University, Fullerton), "Biometrics in a Data Driven World: Trends, Technologies, and Challenges" aims to inform readers about the modern applications of biometrics in the context of a data-driven society, to familiarize them with the rich history of biometrics, and to provide them with a glimpse into the future of biometrics.
Gofman JWf Jones HB, Lindgren FT, Lyon TP, Elliott HA, Strisower B.
Four weeks ago,Etzion Brigade Commander Colonel Roman Gofman issued an order to remove immediately all Arab workers from the Gush Etzion settlement, including from stores and businesses,caliming it was to "halt Palestinian stabbing attacks.
Irina Gofman, MTG executive vice president and CEO of the acquired businesses, will be responsible for these businesses under the new ownership, and the existing management teams and employees will also stay with the acquired businesses under the new ownership.
Linguistic and literary theory interacted, with literary scholars like Desnitskii's student Voloshinov and Eikhenbaum's student Viktor Gofman writing on the intersection between literary and linguistic scholarship.
John Gofman, former chief medical officer of the Atomic Energy Commission, that nuclear power is an instrument of "premeditated mass murder.
Linesmen -- Derek Amell, Canada; Greg Devorski, Canada; Mikhail Buturlin, Russia; Roman Gofman, Russia.
A member of the Manhattan Project, and a medical doctor responsible for pioneer research into LDL cholesterol, Gofman later called
Nuclear power presents a danger so great that John Gofman says, "Manufacture of Plutonium-239 and its widespread use in nuclear electric power may represent humanity's most immoral act.