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John D., U.S. anatomist, 1794-1830. See: Godman fascia.
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when your politicians use god to get or stay in power, they are not going to stand up to so called god-men.
Many of these god-men had set up very luxurious akhara for their stay and meeting the pilgrims.
Among the more than a dozen of these ancient pagan dying and resurrecting god-men were: Osiris in Egypt (around 2000 BCE); Dionysus in Greece (around 1200 BCE); Adonis in Syria (around 600 BCE); Attis in Central Asia Minor (around 1200 BCE); and Mithra in Persia (around 4000 BCE).
The Nazis did in fact, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, launch expeditions to the Far East in an effort to prove that they were descended from a race of Aryan god-men.
I am yet to see an orphanage or charitable institution run by Hindus, although there are a few run by cults led by god-men and god-women and charlatans.
The popular god-men and god-women who address large crowds of their followers daily in different parts of the country also are indifferent and silent against the brutal murders and atrocities committed on innocent people.
Making pilgrimages to holy places and attending discourse of god-men are the routine ways many people adopt to find peace of mind and solutions for their problems.
After committing brutal murder, rape and looting public money criminals, god-men and politicians do not confess their sins.
A return to the 'reign of God' (dharma) and a departure from god-men is the crying need of the hour.
Many selfish and fake god-men misuse the simple faith of the people, especially women, and abuse them to the maximum extent.
Many of the rich people who use various unfair means to avoid paying tax to the government are over-generous to donate gold and silver to different god-men and their temples and ashrams.