Gnathostoma hispidum

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Gnathostoma hispidum

nematode species found in domestic and wild pigs; human infections (cutaneous larva migrans) reported in Japan.


a genus of spiruroid nematodes of the family Gnathostomatidae.

Gnathostoma doloresi
found in domestic and wild pigs.
Gnathostoma hispidum
adults found in the stomach of pigs and cause gastritis. Larvae migrate through the liver causing hepatitis.
Gnathostoma nipponicum
causes granuloma in the esophagus of weasels.
Gnathostoma spinigerum
found in the stomach of cats, dogs, mink, polecat and wild Carnivora and erratically as a parasite under the skin of humans. Causes damage to liver and other organs while migrating, and establishes large cyst-like structures containing nematodes in the stomach wall.