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Leopold, German physiologist and chemist, 1788-1853. See: Gmelin test, Rosenbach-Gmelin test.
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1747,such facts led Gmelin to conclude that the same species must have been independently created at several distinct points; and we might have remained in this same belief, had not Agassiz and others called vivid attention to the Glacial period, which, as we shall immediately see, affords a simple explanation of these facts.
Distribution pattern of Anomalocardia brasiliana Gmelin, 1971 (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in a tropical coastal ecosystem.
Lucinapectinata (Gmelin, 1791), a species popularly known in Brazil as 'almeja' or 'lambreta', is a mollusk belonging to the class Bivalvia, order Veneroida, family Lucinidae.
The 13-story, 383,000 s/ft Brooklyn Municipal Building was designed by architects McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin and erected in 1925.
And she chased home Rio singles finalist Jeannine Gmelin from Switzerland to take silver, with double Olympic singles champion Ekaterina Karsten of Belarus relegated to fourth Thornley, who only returned to training at the end of last year, said: "I had a really good race and did everything I planned to do.
Since the first report of Perkinsus marinus infecting the American oyster Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791) in the Gulf of Mexico (Mackin et al., 1950), other species of the genus Perkinsus have been reported infecting several species of marine mollusks around the world (Lester and Davis, 1981; Azevedo, 1989; Blackbourn et al., 1998; Villalba et al., 2004; Choi and Park, 2010).
Population structure of the Eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791), on two oyster bars in central Chesapeake Bay: Further changes associated with shell planting, recruitment and disease.
Designed by architect Ralph Walker, of McKenzie, Voorhees and Gmelin, the 32-story Barclay-Vesey Building was the second largest building in lower Manhattan at the time of its completion in 1926.