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1. A compound containing two alcohol groups.
2. Ethylene glycol.
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(glī′kōl) (-kŏl) [″ + alcohol]
Any one of the dihydric alcohols related to ethylene glycol, C2H6O2.

Patient care

The glycols, including ethylene and propylene glycol, are found in many antifreezes, solvents, detergents, and lacquers, and their ingestion is a common cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S. The intoxicated patient should be treated by decontaminating the stomach in order to decrease uptake of the chemical. Sodium bicarbonate is also given if metabolic acidosis develops. Seizures, brain damage, ophthalmic injury, and renal failure are common complications of exposure. Support of the patient often includes parenteral administration of thiamine and other vitamins, as well as of alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitors.

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Through extensive research and testing, the company's Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight's 10% glycolic free acid blended with additional brightening and soothing ingredients successfully targets fine lines, dullness and uneven texture: 10% glycolic free acid stimulates cellular renewal for improved texture, tone and a brighter complexion, 2% phytic acid provides dual-action exfoliation and skin brightening effects, 1% soothing complex of natural oils and botanicals forms a protective, breathable layer on skin.
From look Best for Fine lines L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Ageing Glycolic Peel Pads, PS22.49 for 30 These saturated pads have a 9.6% glycolic formula, to stimulate cell regeneration and improve the look of wrinkles.
Propolis glycolic extract (PGE) was obtained from standardized alcoholic propolis extract after evaporation of the ethanol portion and the addition of propylene glycol.
Initially, the toxicity of the glycolic extract of P.
The MASI score for the right side of the face before and after glycolic acid peel for all the 52 treated patients were the mean MASI score for the right half treated before treatment was 2.6 + 1.57, while after treatment at 12 weeks MASI score was 1.688 [+ or -] 1.28.
In this work a series of glycolic esters was synthesized and screened in the methanol-gasoline as a bifunctional additive for phase stabilizing and pressure depressing.
Having acid applied to your skin so that it tightens, peels and eventually falls off doesn't sound like a beauty treatment many people would volunteer for, but with skin-perfect celebs like Kim Kardashian and Sophie Anderton rumoured fans, Glycolic peels are becoming more and more popular.
For example, while acne is a common problem for most pregnant women, it is essential to limit the medications one uses solely to products formulated with glycolic acid or other AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids).
Historically the treatment of melasma has been challenging and the various modalities of treatment include broad spectrum sunscreens, hydroquinone in various concentration, tretinoin, fluorinated steroids, kojic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid, chemical peels, laser therapy like Q switched ruby, alexandrite, Nd; YAG laser etc.
Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir was developed as a tailor-made 'powerhouse' of ingredients including Olay Regenerist's signature penta-peptides, glycolic acid, humectants, anti-oxidants and skin soothers and conditioners -- all ideal for night-time use."