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Any of a family of enzymes that transfer d-glucuronate to the acceptor named, forming glucuronosides, for example, UDPglucuronate-bilirubin glucuronosyltransferase.
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To prevent unconjugated bilirubin being deposited in tissues it is bound to albumin (a protein) and then transported in the blood to the liver where it is converted to its conjugated form by an enzyme called glucuronyltransferase (England, 2010; McIntosh and Stenson, 2008).
A stepwise addition of D-glucuronic acid from UDP-D-glucuronic acid to bilirubin, takes place with the help of the enzyme UDP-glucuronate-bilirubin glucuronyltransferase.
This entry of bilirubin into liver cells is enabled by an enzyme called glucuronyltransferase.
Although how TCS disrupts thyroid hormones is still unclear, our findings are biologically plausible based on evidence from animal studies concluding that TCS had the potential to influence thyroid function by changing the activity of glucuronyltransferase in Phase II (the reaction of conjugations) in the liver (Schuur et al.
Gilbert syndrome is an inborn error of bilirubin conjugation caused by mutations in the conjugating enzyme uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase (UGT1A1) (1).
DLCs, including some PCB congeners, bind to the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and activate the hepatic uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase (UDP-GT) enzymes responsible for [T.
Anti-microsomal antibodies targeting P450IA2 and P450IIIAl isoenzymes have also been reported in idiosyncratic liver injuries associated with dihydralazine and aromatic anticonvulsants, as well as anti-LKM3 antibodies directed against uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase (UDPGT) enzymes [24-26].
More than 90% of acetaminophen, taken in therapeutic doses, is metabolised in the liver to phenolic glucuronide and sulfate by glucuronyltransferases and sulfotransferases and is subsequently excreted in the urine.
DHMA and HMMA can be further conjugated by uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferases (UGTs) to DHMA 3-glucuronide, DHMA 4-glucuronide, and HMMA glucuronide or by sulfotransferases to DHMA 3-sulfate, DHMA 4-sulfate, and HMMA sulfate.