glucuronyl transferase

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glucuronyl transferase

An enzyme that converts unconjugated or indirect bilirubin to conjugated or direct bilirubin.


an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer, from one molecule to another, of a chemical group that does not exist in free state during the transfer.

gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT)
found in the cell membrane in most tissues, but particularly high levels are present in liver (bile duct cells, hepatocytes) and kidney (renal convoluted tubular cells). Increased serum levels occur primarily with cholestasis.
glucuronyl transferase
enzyme which converts bilirubin to a soluble glucuronide.
glutathione S-t's
widely distributed enzymes catalyzing the detoxification of many compounds but particularly xenobiotics by linkage of the cysteine moiety of glutathione with the compound.
ornithine carbamoyl transferase (OCT)
catalyzes the transfer of carbamoyl, as from carbamoylphosphate to l-ornithine to form orthophosphate and citrulline in the synthesis of urea. Found almost exclusively in the liver. Determination of serum levels is used as an indicator of hepatocellular damage, particularly in cattle, sheep and pigs.
peptidyl transferase
a ribosomal enzyme that transfers the growing peptide from its carrier tRNA to the α-amino group of the amino acid residue of the aminoacyl-tRNA specified by the next codon of the mRNA.