glucose oxidase

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glu·cose ox·i·dase

an antibacterial flavoprotein enzyme, obtained from Penicillum notatum and other fungi, which is antibacterial only in the presence of glucose and oxygen, its effect being due to the oxidation of d-glucose to d-glucono-δ-lactone, with the coconversion of O2 to H2O2; used in the preservation of food and in assays for glucose levels.
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Glucose oxidase, incorporated into suitable coating materials that are applied on lenses or optical fibers, is used to catalyze oxidization of glucose to gluconic acid in the presence of oxygen.
In an amperometric solution, a sensor measures the current generated in a chemical reaction from electrochemical strips with glucose oxidase enzymes.
Finger-stick monitors and the electrochemical sensors in continuous glucose monitors work on the same principle, based on glucose oxidase breaking down glucose and generating electrons, which are measured by the monitor's sensors.
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