glucose oxidase

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glu·cose ox·i·dase

an antibacterial flavoprotein enzyme, obtained from Penicillum notatum and other fungi, which is antibacterial only in the presence of glucose and oxygen, its effect being due to the oxidation of d-glucose to d-glucono-δ-lactone, with the coconversion of O2 to H2O2; used in the preservation of food and in assays for glucose levels.
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The aim of the research was not only the production of a non-enzyme biosensor to detect glucose, but also to eliminate the expensive nafion and glucose oxidase enzyme in the design and production of the sensor.
The Precision G and the Precision QID glucose meters have a third background compensation electrode that lacks glucose oxidase enzyme and measures the signal from potentially interfering substances.
The latest blood glucose meters use a coulometric technique where a capillary action on the test strip takes in the blood sample that is fed to an electrode containing glucose oxidase enzyme. After reoxidizing the enzyme with ferrocyanide ions, the total charge passing through the electrode yields the glucose concentration in the blood.
The new, injectable nano-network is composed of a mixture that contains nanoparticles with a solid core of insulin, modified dextran and glucose oxidase enzymes.