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A polysaccharide yielding glucose on hydrolysis; for example, callose, cellulose, glycogen, starch, dextrins.
Synonym(s): glucan


/glu·can/ (gloo´kan) any polysaccharide composed only of recurring units of glucose; a homopolymer of glucose.


A polyglucose; e.g., callose, cellulose, starch amylose, glycogen amylose.
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5, according to the concentration of the [beta]-1,3/1,6 glucans added to the feed diet (0, 0.
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Some species of Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas have been shown to produce glucan or glucanlike polymers that could potentially interfere with the BG assay.
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Finally, both companies are looking towards the future and have already initiated new research aiming at gaining further insights into the immune mechanisms involved locally through yeast glucans supplementation, using the latest models developed.
Found in the cell walls of fungi and yeasts, beta glucans are no longer naturally prevalent in our diet, so beta glucan supplements work with our bodies and stimulate our innate immune system's natural killing mechanism for eliminating fungus and yeast, which is then harnessed to destroy other invading viruses or bacteria such as colds or flu.
We are delighted there is growing recognition that beta glucans have an important role in modern day nutrition and are very proud that we, as a Welsh-founded business, are able to bring this globally recognised supplement to the UK consumer through Britain's largest pharmacy chain.
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