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1. Abbreviation for 5-oxoproline.
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A gene on chromosome 15q24.1 that encodes golgin A6A, a protein which localises to the Golgi apparatus. It is highly expressed in seminiferous tubes and in spermatids.
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Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptide, see there.
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Leading Logistic Property Owner: GLP's USD43 billion of globally diversified logistic assets were located in China (35%), US (34%), Japan (24%) and Brazil (7%) as of September 2017.
Taken together, these results suggest that GLP inhibited macrophage-secreted inflammatory factors and induced insulin resistance in vitro.
Within 14 years, therefore, GLP moved from an ad hoc concept to legally enforceable code, designed to control and regulate the quality of laboratory-based operations.
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There is significant confusion about what constitutes "best practices" for applying GLP to medical device studies.
After the inactivation GIP is transformed in GIP 3-42N[H.sub.2] and GLP-1 is transformed in GLP 1 9-36N[H.sub.2] these metabolites are small impotent peptide fragments eliminated by the kidney [2].
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