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A neologism for the global epidemic of obesity
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Globesity: Fat's new frontier, globesity-fats-new-frontier.html
Nevertheless, we can use lessons learned and basic knowledge to continue to wage war on the epidemic of obesity here and "globesity" internationally.
JB: Globesity is a good example of an area in which pharma has not delivered any really convincing, consumer-friendly solutions.
There are also references to our global struggle with weight-gain - also known as 'globesity' - with the introduction of size 'XXL'.
She is best known for launching metrosexual mania in 2003, but she also created several other buzzes, including: It's America Online, globesity, and millennium blue.
Likewise, we've long talked about global issues and about obesity - but why not put things together, like globesity? And what's stopping the media endlessly discussing the side effects of the (another new phrase alert) credit crunch...
This "globesity" epidemic is seen in poor countries as well as in wealthy ones.
In fact, the term "globesity" has been coined to describe this worldwide epidemic (Dickson & Schofield, 2005).
especially those who have moved to live in the burgeoning slums of the big cities." (74) Josef Schmidhuber and Prakash Shetty of the Food and Agriculture Organization point out that urban areas in many developing countries are experiencing the lifestyle and diet changes already seen in the developed world, including "an increase in the calories consumed in tandem with a shift towards diets that are much richer in saturated fats and cholesterol." (75) The use of a new term, "globesity," in fact, reflects the prevalence of a health problem no longer widespread only in developed nations.
In the President's Lecture on "globesity" at the 2005 American Dietetics Association (ADA) annual meeting, panelist James Hill suggested that the battle against obesity should be fought not with calorie restriction but with physical activity; he then went on to suggest that a strategy that relies on food restriction is doomed to fail (American Dietetic Association 2005).
The problem of what I call "Globesity" is actually a bigger one than world hunger.
Kneemail, for example, is "religion's effort to give prayer a modern, high-tech image." Affluenza is "the affliction of being too focused [??] buying material things, working too much (and still not having enough money), and stressing out about all of it." Globesity is worldwide obesity.