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(glis'ŏn), Do not confuse this word with Gleason.
Francis, English physician, anatomist, physiologist and pathologist, 1597-1677. See: Glisson capsule, Glisson cirrhosis, Glisson sphincter.
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FENCING: Michelle Glisson finished eighth for Scotland at the World Youth Championships in the USA.
Far more important, according to Gary Glisson of the Intellectual Property Group, are access to capital, skilled employees, good managers and executives, business and legal resources, and good inexpensive infrastructure.
The opposite of the Ninth Circuit's old growth-dependent species issue can be found in Glisson: If the Forest Service elects to return regrown forest to its native (pre-settlement) state, what happens to species that have made the artificially modified forest their habitat?
Bob Glisson, department head, created his group's Web page and is one of several social studies teachers making extensive instructional use of Web-based resources.
Glisson did when he signed on as CFO of the Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games.
Lang Jr.; one nephew, Bryan Lang; and companion Earl Glisson.
Glisson, "A tetrahedral modeling method for electromagnetic scattering by arbitrarily shaped inhomogeneous dielectric bodies," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.
The bacterial isolates from outbreaks of layer flocks showing respiratory signs belong to capsular serotype A while, other serotypes such as B, D and E of Pasteurella species do not cause infection in avian species (Mohamed et al., 2012; Glisson et al., 2008; Shivachandra et al., 2005; Wilson et al., 1993).
hepatica por organo, sin evidencia macroscopica de lesiones en canaliculos biliares, parenquima ni capsula de Glisson. No se encontraron ejemplares juveniles del parasito.
The firm has hired Britt Glisson as president of the Global Insurance division.
A number of gram positive and gram negative bacterial species belonging predominantly to the phylum Proteobacteria, Firmicutes, Actinobacteria and Bacteroidetes have been reported from respiratory system of diseased as well as healthy domestic and wild birds (Sambyal and Baxi, 1980; Byrum and Slemons, 1995; Glisson, 1998; Bailey et al., 2000a, b; Hubalek, 2004; Abulreesh et al., 2007).