Gliding Motility

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A twitching and translocating pattern of movement, typical of Capnocytophaga spp, in which the yellowish colonies display finger-like projections, that appear to glide over the primary isolation media—e.g., heart infusion agar; these gram-negative fusiform bacilli are indigenous to the oral cavity, are implicated in periodontal and oral infections and lack flagella
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The identification of the isolated Flavobacterium strain was checked on the basis of the characteristic yellow-green colonies, with rhizoid edges that contained Gram negative rods exhibiting gliding motility (Shamsudin and Plumb, 1996).
Gliding motility was checked under a microscope (magnification, x 100) by using a hanging drop preparation of a 48 hours liquid medium culture.
The four strains isolated in this study were similar in size, shape and the gliding motility of bacteria.