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William C., U.S. physician, 1845-1907. See: Glasgow sign.
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It hasn't stopped Scottish guys getting the taps aff this week and looking like a proper Glesga dinner - deep fried with a hint of Irn-Bru.
He said: "I play a Glesga boy who has fought against all odds to get where he has, coming from a working-class background and getting there through scholarships and so on.
It was good to see Capaldi begin his stint with his Glesga accent.
She has come a long way from the tacky old Glesga lush in the moth-eaten leopardskin coat of Naked Video days.
The Glesga wummin are at their unbeatable best, laughing and loving, gossiping and girning.
For the first time ever, we're having to pay for the Glesga briefcase.
DOROTHY PAUL Gallus Glesga wummin played a randy pensioner with a crush on Tam.
RYAN FLETCHER The former River City actor has been buying a kitchen and dog poo bags 1 A train ticket to Glasgow from London There's nothing better than coming up the road to Glesga after being away for a while.
Foul-mouthed Glesga Ned - the brainchild of retired photographer Gerry Coutts - can be seen on the internet thumping a police officer who is trying to arrest him in a run-down housing scheme.