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William C., U.S. physician, 1845-1907. See: Glasgow sign.
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Just to emphasise the point: in the 1932 version as compared with the 1912 version, which is presumably derived from the original script as performed, we find the following changes: 'You' was 'Ye', 'house' was 'hoose', 'easily' was 'easy', 'Yes' was 'Ay', 'you haven't' was 'ye haena', 'everything' was 'a'thing', 'Glasgow' was 'Glesca', and 'perfectly' was 'fair'.
Laidlaw is McIlvanney's Glesca - a paradox of beauty and brutality captured in stunning prose by one of the finest Scottish writers of our time.
Bring shining shimmering Scottish Cup glory back tae Firhill Park, Glesca."
Nesbitt, Elaine perfectly captured the indomitable 'Glesca wummin', and this is the persona she carries through in her hilarious new series, Elaine.
In real life, he's more Monarch of the Glen than Glesca rent boy so it says something for his talents that he came across as a right twisted wee git in the latest episode of our very own cop show.
At that point, I expect a wee Glesca punter to appear and say: "Nothin' changes hen, diz it?
Well anyway, that's what we're doing in Glesca for Charly's fourth birthday.
And he added a dash of director Bill Forsyth's Glesca accent for good measure.