Glenner-Lillie stain for pituitary

Glen·ner-Lil·lie stain for pi·tu·i·tar·y

(glen'ĕr lil'ē),
a modification of Mann methyl blue-eosin stain that changes the dye proportions, buffers the dye mixture, and stains at 60°C; basophils are stained blue to black, acidophils are dark red, chromophobe granules are gray to pink, and erythrocytes are orange; with modification, the method is also useful for enterochromaffin cells, goblet cells, Paneth cells, and pancreatic islet cells.
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George B., U.S. pathologist and histologist, 1927–.
Glenner-Lillie stain for pituitary - a modification of Mann methyl blueeosin stain.


Ralph D., U.S. pathologist, 1896-1979.
Glenner-Lillie stain for pituitary - see under Glenner
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