George B., 20th-century U.S. pathologist and histologist. See: Glenner-Lillie stain for pituitary.
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These species are also potentially fouling barnacles, and while we did not include the model species Amphibalanus (=Balanus) amphitrite in the present analysis, the detailed description in Glenner and Hoeg (1995) shows that its antennular structure is exactly as in the other hard-bottom species studied here.
Connolly along with his best friends Dano, Glenner and Cobbie sell weed for extra money.
A classification system for extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma proposed by Glenner and Grimley (10) in 1974 divided the tumors into four groups based on location: branchiomeric, intravagal, aortico sympathetic, and visceroautonomic.
Moe Glenner is the president and founder of PURELogistics, a consulting firm that specializes in change management.
In 1980, Glenner (4,5) described a tiered clinicopathologic classification based on (1) the type of protein in the deposit, (2) the precursor protein from which the abnormal protein arises, and (3) the clinical disease process as described by Symmers (3) (e.
9) According to Glenner (10), by the time AD is diagnosed, most patients already have a 50% reduction in life expectancy.
Glenner unlocked the molecular structure of [beta]-amyloid, a protein that makes tip the senile plaques, in 1983.
Chasing a dream, Michael Glenner and Steven Rockwell left frigid Chicago two years ago for sunny Palm Springs, Calif.
Moe Glenner is the founder and president of PURELogistics, a leading consulting firm that specializes in organizational change.