George B., 20th-century U.S. pathologist and histologist. See: Glenner-Lillie stain for pituitary.
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Early investigations into the genetic causes of AD were guided by the discovery that amyloid p was the same protein seen in plaques developed in the brains of people with Down syndrome, who frequently develop a similar form of dementia (Glenner et al., 1984).
Although some million-year gaps make unclear the freshwater-species origin, the ability of crustaceans to successfully invade new environments is clear (Glenner et al.
In 1984, Glenner and Wong purified a 4.2 kDa [beta]-amyloid (A[beta]) from a patent with Alzheimer's disease (AD) with cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA).
El protocolo adecuado varia entre las especies y recolectas; no todas las semillas responden igual a la prueba, ya que se basa en la actividad de las deshidrogenasas de la respiracion que reducen quimicamente la solucion incolora de tetrazolio a formazan (1, 3, 5-trifenilformazan), de color rojo-rosado (Glenner, 1990); de esta manera, es posible identificar tejido vivo (coloracion roja), parcialmente danado (tonalidades rosadas) o muerto (blanco) (International Seed Testing Association, 2010).
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Connolly along with his best friends Dano, Glenner and Cobbie sell weed for extra money.
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A classification system for extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma proposed by Glenner and Grimley (10) in 1974 divided the tumors into four groups based on location: branchiomeric, intravagal, aortico sympathetic, and visceroautonomic.
Moe Glenner is the president and founder of PURELogistics, a consulting firm that specializes in change management.