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Thomas Hale, U.S. physician, 1905-1987. See: Ham test.


1. Synonym(s): popliteal fossa
2. The buttock and back part of the thigh.
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HTLV-I-associated myelopathy. See Tropical spastic paraparesis.
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[AS. haum, haunch]
1. The popliteal space or region behind the knee.
2. A common name for the thigh, hip, and buttock.
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Leave to cool and serve with our sugar and spice glazed ham, or with any fish or meat dishes.
Her creations also include a Big Mac, a glazed ham, popcorn, sushi plus spaghetti, a 3D warthog and even a bucket of eyeballs and severed fingers, reports the Sun.
Find a talented helicopter pilot/bookmaker/chef who will fly me to Cartmel, Perth, Plumpton and Ffos Las, cook me great dishes like glazed ham with Cumberland sauce, lobster thermidor, reform lamb cutlets while I sit sipping a magnum of Chateau Lafite and obtain best prices against my selections, winnings paid in freshly printed pounds 50 notes (get real).
"If the temperature is around average - about 26 degrees - then we would have the traditional roast dinner with the glazed ham, turkey and roast potatoes, pumpkin and green vegetables."
"Mouth-watering baby back ribs and fall-off-the-bone grilled Dixie chicken halves, smoke Mahogany glazed ham, smoked turkey breast, sliced beef brisket and plump sausages will be served with caramelized Texas toast," said Staten, a former partner in the Sonic restaurant on Highway 10.
Tyson's next fully cooked products will include glazed ham and pork tenderloin entrees and cooked ground beef.
For an elegant Christmas dinner that lets you sit back and enjoy the day, crown your table with maple-cherry glazed ham, artichokes, and sweet potato spoon bread.
The Easter brunch buffet includes salads, pastries, veggies, entrees, a carving station (bone-in glazed ham), a made-to-order omelet and waffle station, and a dessert buffet with a crepe station, fresh fruit and a cake station.
For our first course, the sharp saltiness of the quezo de bola balanced the subtle sweetness of the glazed ham. Topping the dish was a diaphanous foam made from cheese which dissipated like bubbles on the taste buds.
And these include 28-day aged rib of beef with chunky chips and roasted vine tomatoes, glazed ham hock with pulled ham dumplings and sweet potato puree, braised shoulder of lamb with Bourguignon sauce and vanilla potato puree, confit duck leg with roast charlotte potato, smoky bacon and a port reduction, citrus crushed sea bream with spinach and seafood gratin with a carrot and leak rosti or, for vegetarians, wild mushroom linguini with shaved parmesan and gone and then the last portion of ham hock had just been snapped up by another diner.
Honey glazed ham, roasted red skin potatoes, green beans almandine, house salad, rolls and cheesecake with cranberry compote for dessert, $17; reservations recommended, (541) 284-0707.