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Johann R., German chemist, 1604-1670. See: Glauber salt.
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The soil of this immense region is strongly impregnated with sulphur, copperas, alum, and glauber salts; its various earths impart a deep tinge to the streams which drain it, and these, with the crumbling of the banks along the Missouri, give to the waters of that river much of the coloring matter with which they are clouded.
Twenty times Glauber Berti had been named on City's substitute bench, without ever unzipping that tracksuit top.
Sudarshan was passed over for the Physics Nobel Prize on more than one occasion, leading to controversy in 2005 when several physicists wrote to the Swedish Academy, protesting that Sudarshan should have been awarded a share of the Prize for the Sudarshan diagonal representation (also known as Sudarshan-Glauber representation) in quantum optics, for which Roy J Glauber won his share of the prize.
According to this theory, the Glauber approximation [6] to nuclear dynamics is valid in the region of not too high energies and should be modified at energies of RHIC and LHC.
Following a series of short speeches, local musician Rich Glauber played guitar and led the group in a song that featured some key phrases and ideas expressed by those who spoke at the "ground shaking" event:
trade policies and how they affect agricultural markets was provided by Joseph Glauber, the former chief economist at USDA and a current research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute.
Elle avait notamment popularise, dans les annees 70-80 le cinema Nuevo du Bresilien Glauber Rocha venu a Alger.
Glauber served as the chief economist of the US Department of Agriculture from 2008 to 2014 and has been active in the agricultural industry since the early 1980s.
Rocha ("Passerby," "Pachamama"), son of Glauber Rocha, continues to quietly make his mark as one of the most interesting young Brazilian helmers on the scene, his technique enhancing the emotional charge, dignifying the game and insisting on its vital place within the community.
In 2011, the program cost $11 billion, compared to less than $5 billion in direct payment, introduced in 1996 as the main program for transfers to farmers (Glauber, 2013, pp.
CINEASTE EMBLEMATIQUE et theoricien critique du cinema novo Glauber Rocha (1939-1981) s'affirme en tant qu'intellectuel et artiste des 1963 a l'occasion de la publication de son premier ouvrage critique sur le cinema national : Revisao critica do cinema brasileiro (1).