Giannuzzi, Giuseppe

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Giannuzzi, Giuseppe

Italian anatomist, 1839–1876.

Giannuzzi cells

Crescents of Giannuzzi

crescents of Giannuzzi

A crescent-shaped group of serous cells lying at the base of or along the side of a mucous alveolus of a salivary gland.
Synonym: Giannuzzi cells; Heidenhain demilunes


Giuseppe, Italian anatomist, 1839-1876.
Giannuzzi crescents - the serous cells at the distal end of a mucous, tubuloalveolar secretory unit of certain salivary glands. Synonym(s): Giannuzzi demilunes; serous demilunes
Giannuzzi demilunes - Synonym(s): Giannuzzi crescents
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But at this moment this doesn't mean anything,' Brindisi prosecutor Giuseppe Giannuzzi said.
According to Giuseppe Giannuzzi, the chief prosecutor in the city of Lecce, Ekinci identified himself as a Christian.