Girdlestone procedure

Gir·dle·stone pro·ce·dure

complete resection or excision of the head and neck of the femur.
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Gathorne Robert, English orthopaedist, 1881-1950.
Girdlestone procedure - complete resection or excision of the head and neck of the femur.
Girdlestone resection
Girdlestone resection arthroplasty
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In the hip, removal of the hip implants, known as excision arthroplasty or Girdlestone procedure, remains an option for the frail patient who is not suitable for reconstruction, or those whose infection has not resolved with repeated two stage revisions (Sharma, Leeuw, & Rowley, 2005).
We did not consider a Girdlestone procedure as a viable option in our patient because of the poor functional outcome in the elderly [13].
These patients were treated by Girdlestone procedure in three cases, revision megaprostheses in two cases, and antibiotic suppression in one case.
Various investigators use different methods for operative treatment of old unreduced fracture-dislocations including subtrochanteric osteotomy, Girdlestone procedure, arthrodesis, endoprosthetic replacement, and total hip replacement.3 All these procedures have their merits and demerits and give different outcomes.
But in July 2000 Helen faced her biggest challenge with the removal of her hips - an operation known as the Girdlestone Procedure. The hip joint is removed and scar tissue develops to allow movement of the pelvis.