Girard, A.

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A., Swiss-born U.S. surgeon, 1841-1914.
Girard reagent - the hydrazine of betaine chloride, used to extract ketonic steroids by forming water-soluble hydrazones with them.
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Girard, a 1997 NUNM graduate, will assume the post July 1.
Since 2006, the Philadelphia-based Miro has led an outreach program at Girard, a boarding school in North Philly that serves students from financially limited, single-parent families.
Quizas el libro se hubiese enriquecido un poco mas si Andrade hubiese incorporado los temas que han caracterizado a la obra posterior de Girard, a saber, las relaciones entre violencia y religion y la singularidad del cristianismo, pues, ciertamente, la consideracion de estos temas antropologicos y teologicos arroja bastante luz sobre la comprension de su critica literaria.
Rene Girard, a retired French professor from Stanford University was recently inducted into the French Academy for his theoretically sophisticated originality.
Girard, a 74-year-old widow who lives in Worcester.