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Lorenzo, Italian physician and anatomist, 1643-1704. See: Bellini ducts, Bellini ligament.
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Commerce with Flanders exposed Venetian artists to Flemish art and the use of oil-based paints, soon adopted by local masters, among them Giovanni Bellini and the great Giorgione, Titian's early influences.
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Oskar Batschmann's handsomely illustrated monograph offers an overview of Giovanni Bellini's career and problems associated with his oeuvre.
For example, Adanhoume reproposed Giovanni Bellini's Presentation in the Temple, 1469, in miniature format; positioned on the floor, it leaned against an ancient table, while the original hung in another room.
Durer took two trips to Italy, which exposed him to the works of early Renaissance artists such as Andrea Mantegna and Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini. Like many Italian Renaissance artists and thinkers, Durer believed in the intrinsic value of the arts, and sought to elevate painting and other visual art forms to the status of the other liberal arts.
It also occasioned a turning point in the relations between Venetian and Islamic art, and particularly in the life of Gentile, son of Jacopo and brother to Giovanni Bellini.
The enchanting views painted by Giovanni Bellini and Canaletto are still there.
He trained under Giovanni Bellini and was strongly-influenced by Giorgione.
"Giovanni Bellini and the Art of Devotion," features three paintings from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's collection, focusing on the replication of devotional images such as "Madonna and Child," in the Venice, Italy, workshop of Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini.
Venetian Painting In the Fifteenth Century: Jacopo, Gentile, Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Mantegna (Brepols, Euro 110) by Otto Paecht is a collection of scholarly lectures, translated into English by Fiona Elliot.
Painting: Allegory: Inconstancy, by Giovanni Bellini (c.