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The pseudonym of a feral child who spent the first 13 years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair until she was discovered by authorities. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation in American history
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Se mantiene por tanto una asociacion importante, aunque el grado de indeterminacion de esta medida de desigualdad es mayor que en el caso del coeficiente de Gini.
La paradoja resultante es que el proceso de concentracion, cuyo epicentro es la depredacion de las unidades de menor tamano, puede tener el efecto de "mejorar" el Gini (hacerlo disminuir).
GINI = 143,1798 - 0,00057 *PBIPC - 0,878163 * TA - 0,465585 * P + F (1)
Concentration of the companies at regional level, 2008-2014 Evolution of the Gini coefficients corresponding to the business environment 2008 Gini 2014 Gini 2008 Struck 2014 Struck Coefficient Coefficient Coefficient Coefficient Total active 0.190 0.198 companies-at country level SMEs with 0-9 0.192 0.201 employees SMEs with 10-49 0.490 0.391 employees SMEs with 50-249 0.346 0.201 employees SMEs with over 0.189 0.217 250 Source: Processing of data from the Statistical Yearbook of Romania, 2008-2014 Note: Table made from bar graph.
In particular, the Gini coefficient of China jumped by 12.6 points from 35.5 in 1993 to 48.1 in 2010, while Japan's Gini coefficient jumped by 6.2 points from 24.9 in 1993 to 31.1 in 2009.
Inequality in OECD Countries, 2015 Gini coefficient, household disposable income after direct taxes and transfer payments (1) (*)Iceland 0.246 Slovenia 0.250 Slovakia 0.251 (*)Denmark 0.256 Czech Republic 0.258 Finland 0.260 Belgium 0.268 Norway 0.272 Australia 0.276 Sweden 0.278 (*)Hungary 0.288 (*)Germany 0.289 Poland 0.292 France 0.295 South Korea 0.295 Switzerland 0.297 (*)Ireland 0.298 Netherlands 0.303 Canada 0.318 (*)OECD 0.318 (*)Italy 0.326 Estonia 0.330 Portugal 0.336 (*)Austria 0.337 Greece 0.340 Spain 0.345 Latvia 0.346 (*) New Zealand 0.349 Britain 0.360 Israel 0.360 Lithuania 0.372 United States 0.390 Turkey 0.404 Chile 0.454 (*) Mexico 0.459 (1) (*) data from 2014.
Dubai Customs has recently received a third level certification on its smart risk engine from the renowned Global Innovation Institute (GInI), an international organisation providing professional membership associations and certifications in the field of Innovation.
El indice de Gini para las muertes por cancer a nivel nacional fue de 0.2227, lo que implica que la muerte por cancer en general sucede razonablemente uniforme en cualquier municipio de Mexico.
Empirical studies devoted to the selection of factors influencing the level of income inequality, dependent on the degree of financialization, most often employ linear (or less frequently non-linear) regression where the dependent variable is usually the GINI coefficient.
Among the Pixnoys they talked about were Ronnie del Carmen, Virginia Gini Cruz Santos and Paul Abadilla.
Este articulo examina varias dimensiones de la desigualdad en la region de America Latina centrandose en los top income shares y los coeficientes de Gini, los wealth shares y la distribucion de la riqueza.