athletic pubalgia

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A condition first recognised in 1980 by UK surgeon Jerry Gilmore which, while not a hernia, clinically presents as one
At-risk sports American football, football (soccer), hockey, rugby Management Repair torn external oblique aponeurosis and conjoined tendon
Prognosis 98% of football players are on the field within 4–6 weeks
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athletic pubalgia

Musculoskeletal pain, typically arising from the pubic symphysis, lower abdominal muscles, or the inguinal region of young athletes in whom an inguinal hernia is not present. Synonym: Gilmore's groin; groin disruption; sports hernia.


Inflammation and tears in the local muscles or abdominal wall may result from repetitive overuse of movements (e.g., kicking, jumping, and sudden change of direction) that create shear forces across the pubic symphysis or inguinal ligament.

See also: pubalgia
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It's called Gilmore's groin." Houllier was hopeful Agbonlahor would make this afternoon's visit to White Hart Lane - but pulled out of training yesterday after a topsy turvy week.
"When you consider Pat has a serious Gilmore's Groin problem, and is waiting a call to go into hospital for surgery, he was amazing - lasting the 90 minutes.
Larkin is among those on the injured list having undergone surgery last week for Gilmore's groin, which is set to rule him out for up to six weeks.
"It wasn't getting any better, so I sought advice from the then Newcastle physio Paul Ferris, who diagnosed the problem as Gilmore's Groin.
'I was diagnosed with Gilmore's Groin, a condition caused by the separation of muscle and bone, while on top of that my hernia had moved out of position.'
Protherough, 28, traces the injury - a torn abductor muscle and hernia, known as Gilmore's Groin - to a programme of close season weight training.
Meanwhile, unlucky Kenny Coleman will face surgery on Monday after rest has failed to cure his Gilmore's groin condition.
The 31-year-old midfielder awaits the call to enter hospital and undergo surgery for a Gilmore's Groin setback.
DUNCAN FERGUSON has been stricken with a troubling injury called Gilmore's Groin, which requires surgery and will keep him out of the Newcastle side for two months.
"Richie Power is out through injury, John Power had a hernia operation, he's gone, Eoin Larkin had a Gilmore's groin operation last week, he's gone..
Holmes made 30 appearances for City, scoring three goals, but was plagued with a groin injury late last season that required an operation on a double Gilmore's groin during the closed season.
Amazingly Comerford was able to play depsite the hindrance and obvious pain of a Gilmore's groin complaint.