Gillies needle holder


Sir Harold D., English plastic surgeon, 1882-1960.
Filatov-Gillies flap - Synonym(s): Filatov flap
Filatov-Gillies tubed pedicle - Synonym(s): Filatov flap
Gillies approach
Gillies construction of replacement thumb
Gillies ectropion graft
Gillies elevation procedure
Gillies flap
Gillies graft
Gillies hook
Gillies horizontal dermal suture
Gillies implant
Gillies incision
Gillies needle holder
Gillies operation - a technique for reducing fractures of the zygoma and the zygomatic arch through an incision in the temporal region above the hairline.
Gillies prosthesis
Gillies scissors
Gillies skin hook
Gillies tissue forceps
Gillies up-and-down flap
Gillies zygomatic hook
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