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Harold D., British plastic surgeon, 1882-1960. See: Gillies operation, Filatov-Gillies flap.
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In this comparative analysis of Canadian, Dutch, and Norwegian government action, Gillies argues that middle powers sustain an assertive human rights policy only when the costs to other national interests are low.
Noting the limits of Poincare's conventionalism, Gillies turns to a discussion of the various strands of the so-called 'Duhem-Quine' thesis (often held to support even extreme forms of conventionalism).
Although Robert Gillies was not the author, he was nevertheless probably the translator, of the version of ~A Winter Night's Dream' which appeared in Blackwood's in 1825.
Shortly after a PS20,000 move to Brunton Park, however, Cumbrians manager Greg Abbott was sacked, and Gillies was limited to 14 appearances, including seven starts, in his two years at Carlisle.
SCAA Charter Member Gillies was also among the first roasters to be environmentally sensitive (smoke controls, 1952) and led the way with certified organic (first in NY), Fair Trade (first in NY), Rainforest Alliance Certified and Kosher products; both green or roasted, packaged and bulk.
Gillies said he was parked at the spot because he was waiting to buy illegal diesel from a friend who ran a nearby cold store.
Centre-back James Curtis threaded a ball into the right of the box and the unmarked Gillies drilled a low shot inside the far post for his 15th goal of the season.
Fellow jockeys Henry Brooke, Harry Haynes and Nathan Brooke, along with one of Russell's head lads Mark Ellwood, had joined Gillies on the holiday.
Gillies, who was due to turn 22 today, had gone away with fellow jockeys Nathan Moscrop, Henry Brooke and Harry Haynes, along with Mark Ellwood, head lad at the Kinross stable of Lucinda Russell, to whom he was attached.
The Hearts ace has walked out over the club's wages dispute and Gillies admits it will be a boost for junior hopefuls Auchinleck Talbot.
A two-year captain, Gillies earned SWCL all-star honors three times and Central Mass.