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Harold D., British plastic surgeon, 1882-1960. See: Gillies operation, Filatov-Gillies flap.
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But Patersons recently lodged access road plans for Gillies Hill's Murrayshall Quarry, which has lain dormant for around a decade.
The victim ended up on his back as Gillies rifled through his pockets and stole his wallet containing PS60 and his driving licence and cards.
Quakers missed another great opening four minutes later when Thompson set up Styche, whose shot was blocked and the ball ran for Gillies who sidefooted wide from just a few yards out.
But despite the side's struggles in the league, 41-year-old Gillies concedes that the pull of the English Championship would be a difficult one for Ross to refuse.
Gillies also documented their time together at the march via her Instagram account.
| ||TRAGIC: Sean Gillies Taylor, who was in the year above Sean, said she and her friends wanted to raise money either for a memorial stone at the school or to donate to charities of the families' choice.
Bowman remains the leading scorer in the Vanarama National League and his telepathic linkup with Gillies brought further joy on Saturday.
The brew is then clarified through unbleached muslin, and pressed in Gillies' own innovation--a stainless steel coffee-press--then kegged in a disposable-liner keg.
St Mirren didn't return to the top flight until 2006 and Gillies fears the financial blow of relegation will again cripple the club for years to come.
Bolton then came to Halfax's rescue for a second time when he cleared Jon Shaw's header from another Gillies corner on the line.
(Most of season one's drama dealt with Liano doubting Gillies' sixth sense, especially after Gillies said her long-distance boyfriend was cheating on her.)
Gillies will become a member of the Board Remuneration Committee from 1 May 2014 and he is expected to succeed Sir John Sunderland as chairman of the Board Remuneration Committee at a date to be agreed, to ensure a smooth transition.