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Frank, 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Gillespie syndrome.
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Asprilla's hat-trick came within 49 minutes to put United 3-0 up as Gillespie caused havoc down the wing.
Mr Gillespie said: "We discovered that there were less funds than expected." It was found PS1million was sent to law firm Collyer Bristow, who were involved in Whyte's takeover.
Prior to joining Makers Nutrition, Gillespie spent 10 years at Nutricap Labs and NutraScience Labs, starting as an account executive and ultimately serving as director of sales for his last four years at the company.
Just as his old mate, Darren Lehmann, had done before him, Gillespie threw himself into his role with Yorkshire and was quickly accepted as one of the White Rose family by teammates and supporters alike.
"It got me on the ball to seeing if there was potential in Sudbury," said Gillespie. "I wanted to eventually move back home, so this was sort of an extra push."
Gillespie's man-management helped him return to his best, however, and Plunkett has since added more international caps in all formats.
In 1946 Gillespie married Bernard Israel; their daughter Dorien was born in 1947, son Gary in 1949, and Richard in 1956.
I don't share this impulse, and, thankfully, neither does Gillespie. He starts this chapter with that famous line from "The Dead"--"The time had come for him to set out on his journey westward" (35)--as a way of having a little fun, for Joyce left Ireland in 1904 and "went progressively farther east." Gillespie argues that "[a] good deal of material in [Joyce's] letters and in recollections of friends shows that the anger common to the exilic experience" exudes from the pages of Dubliners, which is, essentially, Gillespie's thesis (36).
Gillespie (left) said: "It's a great tournament, probably one of the most prestigious in the world.
Gillespie lashed out during their chance meeting at Parklands Country Club in Newton Mearns, Glasgow, leaving Ross with stitches in his face.
A prosecuting lawyer had outlined how following the break down of their relationship, Gillespie's ex-partner was granted a temporary non-molestation order on December 6 last year.
Speaking ahead of the tournament's opening matches today, former Australia fast bowler Gillespie said: "He has proved over a long period of time how good a coach he is, and it hasn't surprised me at all how well he has done.