(zhēl ver-nā'),
Jose Maria Vila, 20th-century Spanish urologist. See: Gil-Vernet operation.
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Gil-Vernet antireflux surgery is one of the intravesical approaches.
In this study, the efficacy of Gil-Vernet antireflux technique in primary high-grade vesicoureteral reflux is assessed.
This study was a retrospective one in which we evaluated all the patients who underwent modified Gil-Vernet antireflux surgery as for their high-grade reflux from 2000 to 2016 in 2 hospitals of the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, and all of them were done by one surgeon.
Because of the relation between submucosal length and ureteral diameter in high-grade reflux, it is logical that the efficacy of Gil-Vernet operation may decrease [13].
In Mirshemirani et al.'s study, 72 patients with VUR underwent Gil-Vernet antireflux surgery; success rate was 96.15%, and there was no postoperative complication [14].
We believe modified Gil-Vernet antireflux surgery is simple with high success rate that has not gained attention and is a neglected operation in urology.
In our personal experience, as we do and have done other antireflux techniques, it is obvious that "Gil-Vernet antireflux technique" has shorter operation time; however, though we emphasize the various advantages of the Gil-Vernet technique, as we did not compare different techniques related to their exact operation time, we cannot prove it statistically.
Summarily, Gil-Vernet antireflux technique in contrast with Politano-Leadbetter technique is less invasive, with lower possibility of damage to adjacent organs and bilaterally operable simultaneously.
Simfroosh, "A new approach to vesicoureteral reflux persisting after posterior urethral valve ablation using Gil-Vernet anti reflux technique," MJRI, vol.
There is a Gil-Vernet laparoscopic extravesical procedure for ureteral reimplantation.
Years ago Gil-Vernet popularized the incision in adults, mostly for stone surgery,[sup.2] and this information supports the results presented.