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Leonardo, Italian gynecologist, 1863-1908. See: Gigli saw.
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A prolific writer of letters, Gigli had acquired a well-deserved reputation for his skill in reproducing other people's styles of writing.
Dopo la prefazione di Maria Antonietta Grignani, utilissima per il lettore che per la prima volta si avvicina al Gigli e alla sua opera, la curatrice fornisce un'introduzione esaustiva e documentatissima, con una chiarezza d'esposizione ammirevole, tale da permettere una continua e piacevole lettura e non solo una consultazione erudita.
However, Cobolli Gigli has reacted angrily to the news and vowed to fight the punishment.
MS 33772), of Italian origin, presented to Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, by the Italian cleric Giovanni Gigli sometime between 1494-97.
Second behind Travolta, right, was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's romantic comedy Gigli -narrowly ahead of third-placed 1982 horror movie Halloween III.
Gigli Audiences could smell the scent of a turkey, but no amount of bad buzz could prepare them for how bad Gigli really is.
As the latest offering by real-life love birds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Gigli, illustrates, this fantasy inevitably leads not only to relationship friction but to audience punishment.
The list includes Bjorling, Callas, Caballe, Carreras, Corelli, de los Angeles, di Stefano, Domingo, Fischer-Dieskau, Freni, Gedda, Gigli, Gobbi, Ludwig, Norman, Popp, Schwarzkopf, Scotto, Te Kanawa and Wunderlich.
To add to his woes, the much hyped film, Gigli - which the two met on and is about to be released in the UK - crashed and burned spectacularly in America.
She and fiance Ben Affleck are co-stars in the new film Gigli.
Opening on Friday evening and continuing all day on Saturday, it included two evenings in the theater for the group to see The Gigli Concert and Bailegangaire--in the Abbey and the Peacock respectively.
AL PACINO has reportedly agreed to take a role in Gigli as a favour to Martin Brest, who directed him to a best actor Oscar in 1992's Scent of a Woman.