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insight related to a patient problem or dilemma; the ability to analyze and understand a patient situation.

Patient discussion about discernment

Q. Now they are suspecting it to be a fibromyalgia.Will anyone identify what I am having and what I shall do? Before four years I had a very severe anemia which made me to get hospitalized. In a month I recovered from anemia. Almost a year later I again had a very severe anemia. This lead to the state of severe fatigue and it continued till 2 years. All diagnosis later came to a conclusion that it is Chronic Fatigue syndrome. But they were not able to cure me. Now they are suspecting it to be a fibromyalgia. This is making me irritated. Will anyone identify what I am having and what I shall do?

A. it's not easy to diagnose those illnesses. there are many differential diagnosis that should be checked.
here is a list-
i know it's frustrating but it's not an easy task and it'll take you a while. be patient.

Q. what is the most accurate pathological test to identify the primary source of a cystic mass in the neck? the mass was removed. Pathologist was unable to identify the source and diagnosed the mass as a branchilogic carcinmoa (which is extremely rare, if exists at all). Therefore, I am looking for the most updated test and examinations that can be applied to blocks of the mass and determine their origin (primary source)

A. Pathologic examinaions under a microscope are the most accurate ones there are, and sometimes even they don't help to identify the cell types. I do not have any other ideas on other tests you can do, and I believe you should follow the treatment your doctors will advise you based on this diagnosis they have made.

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"He had a tremendous gift of discernment. He heard it all, analyzed it and threw out a couple of statements that were right on the button," said George Lemmon, who succeeded Nutter as bishop.
"I am very, very good at reading people, and one of my gifts is the gift of discernment, and I definitely believe she was abducted," he said.
An emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit and the identification of "life in its fullness" as the prime goal of mission leads to an awareness of the need for the spiritual gift of discernment (TTL 24).