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1. the taking or moving of something from one place to another.
2. the moving of a patient from one surface to another. Patients can be taught to transfer safely either independently or with minimal assistance if they can balance in a sitting position.
gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) a type of assisted reproductive technology consisting of retrieval of oocytes from the ovary, followed by placement of oocytes and sperm in the fallopian tubes by laparoscopy.
Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT). Multiple ova and washed sperm are injected into the fallopian tube, where fertilization may occur. From McKinney et al., 2000.
passive transfer the conferring of immunity to a nonimmune host by injection of antibody or lymphocytes from an immune or sensitized donor.
sliding board transfer a method of transferring a patient: a smooth tapered board is placed under the patient and stabilized on the surface to which movement will take place so that the patient can glide across.
tendon transfer surgical relocation of the insertion of a tendon of a normal muscle to another site to take over the function of another muscle inactivated by trauma or disease.
tubal embryo transfer (TET)
1. a method of assisted reproductive technology consisting of retrieval of oocytes from the ovary, followed by their fertilization and culture in the laboratory with placement of the resulting embryos in the fallopian tubes by laparoscopy more than 24 hours after the original retrieval.
2. laparoscopic transfer of cryopreserved embryos to the fallopian tubes.
zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) a type of assisted reproductive technology consisting of retrieval of oocytes from the ovary, followed by their fertilization and culture in the laboratory and the placement of the resulting zygotes in the fallopian tubes by laparoscopy 24 hours after the original retrieval.
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gamete intrafallopian transfer
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Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer. Removal of eggs from the ovary, joining with sperm, and laparoscopically placing same in the fallopian tube via small abdominal incisions
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Gamete intrafallopian transfer Reproduction medicine Removal of eggs from the ovary, joining with sperm, and laparoscopically placing same in the fallopian tube via small abdominal incisions. See Assisted reproduction.
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Abbreviation for gamete intrafallopian transfer.
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Q. husband has horrible rash bil. below knees to his ankles. it is bright red yellow weeping cracks. On statins He has been on zocor for 15 years and we are so afraid this may have something to do with this drug. He has stopped taking the drug because the pain and weakness, and numbness in his legs is considerable

A. i looked up for side effects and i saw only "eczema" as a skin side effect. but it seems odd to me that after 15 years you got this kind of side effect. it should have appeared years ago. you know- it might be a very good idea to go and see a Dr... and not stopping a medication without warning..

Q. Is bipolar is like swiping moods that come and go? one time you are happy things are bright and clear and suddenly you are all complicated with your self and with your surrounding and you are moody and depressed ? is sudden change of mind is the correct definition to a Bipolar Disorder or i did get it all wrong ?

A. good question! most people don't know that Bipolar disorder is not just mood swings that come and go every now and then (if it was - my wife should be diagnosed as bipolar:)) ). it is consisted of long episodes of mania or depression. an episode can be a month or even 6.

Q. I have bipolar disorder and an IQ of about 140. Can this be a cause? I followed recently a link in this site and saw, that some people talking about other ones with bipolar disorder seem to be more intelligent than the average. It was for me the first time, that I read something like that about bipolar disorder. I know only since 3 years this diagnose of mine, but I had already 13 years before my "out-of-control"-crisis. Perhaps you will share with your topic-manager about your IQ or about your job that we can see, if there is possible a correlation.

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