Gifford, Harold

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Harold, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1858-1929.
Gifford applicator
Gifford corneal applicator
Gifford corneal curette
Gifford fixation forceps
Gifford holder
Gifford iris forceps
Gifford keratotomy
Gifford needle holder
Gifford reflex - constriction of both pupils when an effort is made to close eyelids forcibly held apart. Synonym(s): eye-closure pupil reaction
Gifford sign - difficulty in everting the upper eyelid in Graves disease.
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There was no RAPD present, Eye signs included Von Graffe's sign (immobility or lagging of the upper eyelid on downward rotation of the eye), Stellwag's sign (infrequent or incomplete blinking), Dalrymple sign (widened palpebral fissure), Gifford sign (Difficulty everting the upper eyelids), Pochin's sign (blinking rate is reduced), Rosenbach's sign (unusual tremor of the eyelids), Snellen's sign (Bruit heard on auscultation over the eye), Mean's sign (increased superior scleral show on upgaze), Kocher's sign (staring and frightened appearance), Mobius' sign (inability to maintain convergence of the eyes), Suker's sign (fixation becomes difficult in extreme lateral gaze).