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Gustav, German bacteriologist, 1867-1948. See: Giemsa stain, Giemsa chromosome banding stain.
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Subsequently, smears were prepared and stained with Giemsa and Hemacolor.
However, it was Gustav Giemsa (1867-1948), pharmacist, chemist, and bacteriologist, who identified the dye as basic azure B, found a way to better control the oxidation of the dye, and combined it with the eosin in a methanol-glycerol mixture that created a stable solution with reproducible results.
Blood cells in staged horseshoe crab embryos were initially identified using the histological stains Giemsa and iron hematoxylin.
Se lavaron inmediatamente con agua de la llave, se pasaron por agua destilada, se dejaron secar al aire y se tineron con solucion Giemsa 1.
On June 26, a lung biopsy was obtained from one of the two hospitalized patients; Giemsa stained tissue from the lung biopsy suggested the presence of H.
Samples of Tzanck smear were stained with Giemsa and the stained preparations were examined under low and then high magnification of light microscope for presence of giant cells by the same histopathologist at AFIP (Figure 1).
Routine hematoxylin and eosin stain on one slide and Giemsa stain on the other slide for the demonstration of H.
All calves were diagnosed positive for Theileria by blood smear examination stained with Giemsa.
This may be particularly helpful when evaluating for lymphomas (because of better cytoplasmic detail seen in modified Giemsa-stained preparations) or in the setting of infectious organisms that may be more readily identified on modified Giemsa stain.
Histopathology revealed sub-epidermal clear zone, lymphoplasmacytic granuloma with the presence of LD bodies in Giemsa Stain (Fig.
Blood smear was air dried, fixed with methanol and stained with May-Grunwald Giemsa stain.
No bacterial or fungal agents were seen by light microscopy of specimens stained with hematoxylin and eosin, Giemsa, Warthin-Starry, Brown and Brenn, or Gomori methenamine silver stains or in a Wright-Giemsa-stained cytologic preparation of a joint aspirate.