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Gustav, German bacteriologist, 1867-1948. See: Giemsa stain, Giemsa chromosome banding stain.
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These inclusions were then visible in the Giemsa stained film that was prepared in the laboratory.
within the red blood cells and these were of lightly basophilic pyriform structures with indistinct internal structures in Giemsa stain.
Diagnoses were made by pathologists, cytotechnologists, or laboratories from slides stained by either the modified Giemsa or Pap stain method.
These staining techniques are beneficial as they are easy to do and have high sensitivity and specificity.6 For rapid identification of fungal pathogens, conventional techniques include 10% KOH and lacto phenol cotton blue wet mounts.8 Gram and Giemsa staining techniques are used for identification of bacteria6 and Modified Ziehl-Neelsen staining for Nocardia identification.9 These staining techniques provide a preliminary diagnosis, when culture results are pending.10
Los amastigotes pueden ser identificados por tincion con Wright o Giemsa en preparaciones como frotis o secciones de tejidos obtenidos de lesiones en piel, bazo, higado y medula osea, o bien aspirados de nodulos linfaticos.
Purple coloured intracytoplasmic inclusions in epithelial cells were confirmative with Giemsa stain.
Hastadan alinan kan orneginin Giemsa boyasi ile hazirlanan kalin damla ve ince yayma kan preparatlarinda cok sayida (>%5) P.