Virgil P., U.S. orthopedist, 1847-1927. See: Gibney fixation bandage, Gibney boot.
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Gibney predicts that Japanese business will rebuild itself during chaotic free competition through deregulation in the 2030s, an era dubbed as "money madness" with new businesses sprouting up as venture capital becoming available, even excessive.
David Gibney has left the luxury Airth Castle, outside Falkirk.
In his article, "Proposing an Objective, Godless Basis for Morality" (J/A 2015), Ed Gibney writes that "until now," no one has ever found an objective measuring stick for what is good.
Des Gibney Joint Liquidator Note: This is a Members Voluntary Liquidation.
Jason Gibney, 43, from Grantham Close, Birkdale, targeted Ladbrokes bookmakers on Bedford Road in the village on May 7.
Alex Gibney, whose documentaries have garnered an Oscar and two Emmys, suddenly finds critics and audiences both admiring and attacking his latest films--all three of them.
Robert James Gibney, Craig Joseph Roddam and Terry Lee Smith broke into a home in Egglescliffe and stole a heavy safe.
Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, who has made a new documentary on WikiLeaks, said he tried over the course of a year and a half to get an interview with Assange, but when could finally arrange for a six-hour meeting, he was told by Assange that the market rate for an interview with him was a million dollars, reports The Nation.
Lion Na Bearnai's trainer Tom Gibney has had no end of problems with his 11-year-old since his famous victory at Fairyhouse last Easter, and his participation remains in some doubt.
Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney looks at inequality in the US through the prism of these two places, to ask if America is still the land of opportunity.
TRAINER Tom Gibney has not ruled out a run at Punchestown in two weeks time for his Irish Grand National hero Lion Na Bearnai, writes Jessica Lamb.