Giant Sets

A series of 4 to 6 exercises done with little to no rest between movements and a rest period of 2-3 minutes between sets, often performed on either 2 antagonistic muscle groups or on a single body part
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We believe that an effective use of back strength exercises for the same muscle group by means of giant sets during a training session will help improve muscle strength and will increase strength at different machines.
PASSENGERS flying in to Birmingham Airport will now be able to spot two giant sets of Olympic rings from the sky.
Disney's "John Carter of Mars" built giant sets at Longcross Studios, a former tank-testing base converted into a production facility.
Retail giant sets the course for massive greenhouse gas reduction; supply chain analysts applaud the effort.
Production crews at both the Hilton Theatre and the workshop where the giant sets are being constructed have been put on "hiatus" over claims the money has run out.
P&A sold around 40 giant sets during the World Cup to clients including high-profile footballers.
Just look at the giant sets requiring the patience of a saint and an engineering degree to assemble.
Mike Nelson makes architectural labyrinths: giant sets with cubicles, doors, and corridors leading off bewilderingly in every direction.
Recent clients ordering distinctive gimmicks to attract the public included Asda, Renault and Carlsberg, which during Euro 2000 ordered giant sets of inflatable goalposts to increase its profile as one of the football tournament's sponsors.
Boublil-Schonberg musical 'Martin Guerre' trades giant sets for intimate story