Giant Cell Reparative Granuloma

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A reactive and focally destructive lesion affecting bone of the jaw, metaphysis and diaphysis of long bones
DiffDx Enchondroma, giant cell tumour, aneurysmal bone cyst
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Giant cell reparative granuloma (GCRG) was initially described by Jaffe (1953) as a reactive lesion limited to maxilla and/or mandible.
Giant cell reparative granuloma affects patients in a wide age range, with most in their third decade.
From the surgical pathology files of the State University of New York-Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse, New York, from 1994 to 2009, 78 cases of giant cell lesions of bone and soft tissues, including 23 giant cell tumors of bone, 8 primary aneurysmal bone cysts, 15 tenosynovial giant cell tumors, 12 chondroblastomas, 4 giant cell reparative granulomas, 6 non-ossifying fibromas, 2 fibrous dysplasias, 4 pigmented villonodular synovitides, and 4 osteosarcomas with giant cells, were retrieved.
3%), 4 of 4 giant cell reparative granulomas (100%), 2 of 4 osteosarcomas (50%), 1 of 15 tenosynovial giant cell tumors (6.
UA Shah, AK Shah, S Kumar Giant cell reparative granuloma of the jaw : A case Report Ind J Radiol Imag 2006 16 (4):677 678.
Peripheral giant cell reparative granuloma in the area of the nose floor.
The differential diagnosis for this cytomorphologically benign lesion included villonodular synovitis, giant cell reparative granuloma, and benign chondroblastoma.

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