Giant Cell Glioblastoma

A firm, well-circumscribed variant of grade IV astrocytoma, glioblastoma multiforme
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The dense cellularity and pleomorphism raises a possibility of ganglioglioma and higher grade malignancies like glioblastoma, giant cell glioblastoma, gliosarcoma or even pleomorphic sarcoma.
Among IDHwildtype tumors, the WHO recognizes giant cell glioblastoma, gliosarcoma, and epithelioid glioblastoma [1].
The absence of increased reticulin deposition argued against anaplastic xanthoastrocytoma and giant cell glioblastoma. Further support to exclude the possibility of giant cell glioblastoma resided in the observation that the tumor was nonreactive for p53 protein.
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(21) Additionally, the description of distinct histologic glioblastoma variants, like giant cell glioblastoma (Figure 1, E), and glioasarcoma (Figure 1, F), has also long illustrated this heterogeneity.
Giant cell glioblastoma, gliosarcoma, and epithelioid glioblastoma are categorized under IDH wild-type glioblastoma [3].
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