Carlo, Italian anatomist, 1841-1898. See: band of Giacomini, frenulum of Giacomini, uncus band of Giacomini.
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Commenting on the partnership, Giorgio Giacomini, MD of Globecast in the Middle East, said, "We have a longstanding and very successful relationship with Arabsat.
'The acquisition of Proseal represents an important expansion of JBT's capabilities, adding significantly to our end-of-line market position and advancing our strategy of providing full-line customer solutions,' stated Tom Giacomini, JBT's chairman, president, and chief executive officer.
Therefore, the quality of crop residues in rotation influences the decomposition and availability of nutrients in the soil (CHIVENGE et al., 2011; AITA & GIACOMINI, 2003).
O CTD tem sido utilizado para verificar a diferenca entre diferentes categorias, metodos de ensino-aprendizagem, treinamento e jogadores com niveis de competitividade distintos (Giacomini e colaboradores, 2011; Mangas, 1999; Moreira e colaboradores, 2014; Ward e Williams, 2003).
The contribution of Carlo giacomini (1840-1898): The limbus giacomini and beyond.
Comme le souligne Giacomini (2004), (14) le chercheur qui ne s'attache qu'a des problemes pratiques sans possibilite de suivre sa curiosite intellectuelle risque de devenir plus ingenieur qu'erudit.
Manuel and signed veteran tackle Breno Giacomini. The Raiders were also among the teams looking at quarterback Johnny Manziel's workout in San Diego.
They maintained their positive attitude and the influential Josh Giacomini (Whitley Bay HS) drove the team forward from midfield.
Blair and his research partner Jessica Giacomini started a research project, using the three-day period before, during, and after the fire, and bears they'd already collared for other research.
(2011) and Giacomini (2013), which included the development of market research, sales force, structured marketing department, effective in disseminating courses and attract new students.
Some studies have already been carried out, such as Wu (2007), Hung, Yang, Lien, McLean and Kuo (2010), Prange and Verdier (2011), Protogerou, Caloghirou and Lioukas (2011), Pavlou and Sawy (2011) Wilden, Gudergan, Nielsen and Lings (2013) and Giacomini (2013).
Currently, Giacomini serves as chairman, president and CEO of JBT Corporation (NYSE:JBT), a global technology solutions provider to the food and aviation industries.