Ghon, Anton

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Ghon, Anton

Czech pathologist, 1866–1936.

Ghon complex

A small, sharply defined shadow in radiographs of the lung seen in certain cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. It represents the necrotic, calcified remains of the primary lesion of tuberculosis. The mycobacteria within the lesion may remain viable and be the source of endogenous and generalized reinfection with tuberculosis.
Synonym: Ghon tubercle

Ghon tubercle

Ghon complex.
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Anton, Czech pathologist, 1866-1936.
Ghon complex - Synonym(s): Ghon tubercle
Ghon focus - Synonym(s): Ghon tubercle
Ghon lesion
Ghon node
Ghon primary lesion - Synonym(s): Ghon tubercle
Ghon tubercle - calcification seen in pulmonary parenchyma and hilar nodes resulting from earlier infection with tuberculosis. Synonym(s): Ghon complex; Ghon focus; Ghon primary lesion
Ghon-Sachs bacillus - Synonym(s): Sachs bacillus
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