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A gene on chromosome 6p21.3 that encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase belonging to the subfamily homologous to Dictyostelium discoideum protein discoidin (Discoidin Domain-containing Receptor); it is expressed only in epithelial cells (kidney, lung, GI tract, brain) and involved in cell–cell interactions and recognition.

Molecular pathology
DDR1 is overexpressed in various tumours.
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Abbrev. for Diploma in Diagnostic Radiology.
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It was not until 1989 that the first and only show to date devoted to East German art ("Twelve Artists from the German Democratic Republic") opened in the United States, at the Busch-Reisinger Museum, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
When the Soviets finally lifted the blockade in May 1949, the Federal Republic was created in Western Germany, followed a few months later by the German Democratic Republic in the East.
The Federal Republic (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) emerged as "Cold War twins" sponsored by the superpowers and regularly demonized each other.
WHEN HER EARLY novella Herr Aurich was first issued by a West German publishing house in 1982, its author Monika Maron still lived in the German Democratic Republic, where the novella is set.
The author discusses the end of the war and the Allies' plans for a defeated Germany, the occupation between 1945 and 1949 and the subsequent division of the country into East and West; the effect of the Cold War on German life; the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany between 1949 and 1963; the founding of the German Democratic Republic and its sad history up to the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 and, finally, an assessment of German life and history in the eighteen years covered.
German Democratic Republic (GDR) monuments of Lenin, Marx and Engels, Ernst Thalmann, and the Soviet War Memorial each sparked controversy over their place in reunited Berlin.
In the fall of 1989, there was a peaceful revolution by the people of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), calling for civil rights, real democracy, social rights, real equality for women, and environmental protection, says Jaggi.
of Glamorgan, Wales) examine the experiences of minority groups in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in relation to state policy of the former communist government and societal attitudes, from the consolidation of the rule of the SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) in the mid 1960s to its disintegration shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which they characterize as a period of post-totalitarian (but still authoritarian) stability in which the state concentrated on system maintenance, bureaucratization of rule, and the retention of the Communist Party's monopoly of power, but was frequently stymied in its efforts to control minority groups because of numerous factors, not least the agency of the groups themselves.
1961: The German Democratic Republic began building what they called the anti-fascist protection wall.
Showbusiness impresario Peter Massine, who is behind the Berlin project, said: "There is a great nostalgia out there still for the old German Democratic Republic."
Also on This Day: 1492: a false sighting of landcaused Christopher Columbus to change course and miss Florida; 1806: the first carbon paper was patented by Ralph Wedgewood; 1871: The Great Chicago Fire started, resulting in more than 250 deaths;1892: death of poet Alfred Tennyson; 1922: The first royal radio broadcast took place, with the Prince of Wales; 1949: The German Democratic Republic of East Germany was established; 1986: The Independent was published for the first time.
When they return, Jena is part of the new German Democratic Republic, and they flee westward almost immediately.

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