Gerhardt-Semon law

Gerhardt-Semon law

An obsolete hypothesis intended to account for the anomalous position of the vocal cords following injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerves.
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Carl Adolf Christian Jacob, German physician, 1833-1902.
Gerhardt disease - Synonym(s): Gerhardt-Mitchell disease
Gerhardt-Mitchell disease - paroxysmal throbbing and burning pain in the skin affecting the hands and feet, accompanied by a dusky mottled redness of the parts with increased skin temperature. Synonym(s): erythromelalgia; Gerhardt disease; Mitchell disease; Weir Mitchell disease
Gerhardt reaction - Synonym(s): Gerhardt test for acetoacetic acid
Gerhardt-Semon law - obsolete law formerly used to account for the position of affected vocal cords after injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve(s).
Gerhardt sign - complete bilateral paralysis of the adductor muscles of the larynx with severe inspiratory dyspnea. Synonym(s): Biermer sign
Gerhardt syndrome - bilateral laryngeal abductor paralysis.
Gerhardt test for acetoacetic acid - Synonym(s): Gerhardt reaction


Sir Felix, German laryngologist in England, 1849-1921.
Gerhardt-Semon law - see under Gerhardt, Carl
Semon law - an obsolete law regarding injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve.
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