Kuntscher, Gerhard

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Gerhard, German surgeon, 1902-1972.
Küntscher cloverleaf nail
Küntscher driver
Küntscher femur guide pin
Küntscher intramedullary nail
Küntscher nail - an intramedullary nail used for internal fixation of a fracture.
Küntscher nail driver
Küntscher nail extender
Küntscher nail instrument
Küntscher nail set
Küntscher reamer
Küntscher rod
Küntscher shaft reamer
Küntscher traction apparatus
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When Gerhard Kuntscher introduced the nail in 1940, it was considered revolutionary in the management of femoral shaft fracture.
Intramedullary (IM) nails, often called rods, were invented by Gerhard Kuntscher in World War II-era Germany.