Gerdy, Pierre N.

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Pierre N., French surgeon, 1797-1856.
Gerdy fibers - a thickening of the deep fascia in the most distal part of the base of the triangular palmar aponeurosis. Synonym(s): superficial transverse metacarpal ligament
Gerdy fontanel - an occasional fontanel-like defect in the sagittal suture in the newborn. Synonym(s): sagittal fontanel
Gerdy hyoid fossa - a space that contains the bifurcation of the common carotid artery. Synonym(s): carotid triangle
Gerdy interatrial loop - a muscular fasciculus in the interatrial septum of the heart, passing backward from the atrioventricular groove.
Gerdy ligament - the continuation of the clavipectoral fascia downward to attach to the axillary fascia. Synonym(s): suspensory ligament of axilla
Gerdy tubercle - a tubercle on the lateral side of the upper end of the tibia giving attachment to the iliotibial tract and some fibers of the tibialis anterior muscle.
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